Vectrex Homebrews

Vectrex Games by Packrat Video Games, LLC

Vectrex games produced by Packrat, from various game authors, for the enjoyment of the Vectrex community. Titles range from re-released games that were out of production, or newer games made via agreements with Vectrex programmers (if you are a Vectrex programmer, and would like your game for sale here, please contact Packrat via the CS page - thank you).

Most games are produced at reasonable costs, for those wishing to enjoy the Vectrex homebrew market, without eBay prices.

Asteroid Cowboy

Asteroid Cowboy
(Andreas Bitter)
Bits N Bytes

Bits 'N' Bytes
(C.Malcolm / Binary Star
Karl Quappe for Vectrex

Karl Quappe

Release for Vectrex




(Andreas Gustafsson)

(Peer Johannsen)

coming 2020

Classic Game Creations - Vectrex Games
(Games by John Dondzila)

All Good Things

All Good Things

Gravitrex Plus

Patriots (Deluxe)
Rockaroids Remix for Vectrex

Rockaroids Remix
Space Frenzy for Vectrex

Space Frenzy
Spike Hoppin' for the Vectrex

Spike Hoppin'

Spike's Water Balloons Analog
Vecmania for the Vectrex

Vectopia for the Vectrex

Vectrex Vaders

Vector Vaders Games games are produced by Packrat, from the original game authors, for gaming enthusiasts for the enjoyment of fellow enthusiasts. These are sold as close to material cost as possible.
Please do not ruin the spirit of our hobby by re-selling these games for a profit.
Thank you!
Moon Lander for the Vectrex

Moon Lander
Nebula Commmander for the Vectrex

Nebula Commander
Protector / YASI

Revector for the Vectrex

RGC - Vaboom Vectrace

RGC (Vaboom/ Vectrace)


Verzerk for Vectrex


Vectrex Hacks

Vectrex games modified from their original release, with permission from the original programmers. These so-called Hacks add something to the originals, which is many cases involves new controller options (joystick instead of just buttons, roller ball, and spinner options).
Polar Rescue Debugged for Vectrex

Birds of Prey
(Joystick Hack)
Polar Rescue Debugged for Vectrex

(Trackball Hack)

Vectrex Original and Special GCE Games,
plus Modified Games too
(Thanks to Jay Smith)

CGE games are produced by Packrat, via permission from the original game owner, Jay Smith. These are sold slightly above Packrat's cost, giving the public a great price that you won't find on eBay!
Any original CGE game

Just ask (Packrat can build
any game, with the exception
of AnimAction)

Game and cartridge only -

Any original CGE game w/label

Just ask (Packrat can build
any game, with the exception
of AnimAction)

Game cartridge and label only
(These are not ready to order yet, as Packrat is still working on the reproduction labels)

Berzerk Debugged for Vectrex

Berzerk Debugged
Polar Rescue Debugged for Vectrex

Mail Plane

Polar Rescue Debugged for Vectrex

Polar Rescue Prototype
Star Trek Debugged

Star Trek Debugged

Test Cart
Tour de France

Tour de France