Status of Current Orders and Projects

To all reading this, my regular job and life outside of Packrat is making it harder to get orders done (for now). Packrat is, and most likely will always be a one man company, with these exceptions - the game programmers, the 'box guy', and a few others.

When an order is placed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, but it may not be right away. I do not have an automated e-mail system in place, so please be patient.

When your order is ready, you wil get a PayPal invoice (these tend to go to the Junk e-mail folder, so watch for them). You will also get a notification email from PayPal when the order ships too.

- Regular Current Orders (not O2/VP multi-cart)
- C7061 and 233-in-1 O2/VP Multi Orders
- Splorf orders


Current Update - September 20, 2020


With a continued influx of Vectrex game orders, and various upcoming projects being worked on, there are delays with most orders. This will depend on what you are ordering. Note that most games are made on-demand, as I really can't afford or have the space for any major inventory.


If you need a rush on a particular order, please make note of such in the comment field when ordering. I will try my best on special orders.


O2/VP Multi-cart Orders

Orders for the 233 Multi-cart and / or the new C7061. Both items are being made at this time. Emails are going out to those on my backlog list, slowly but surely. Check SPAM folders, as I only wait two weeks after sending out an email, then move on to the next group of orders.

2020 Orders

invoice - Invoice had been sent
paid - Payment received, order being worked on
shipped - Item shipped and on the way

Status of Current Regular Orders
  Order in progress
Orders in queue
July Dwain C (shipped 9/19)
Jacek S (in progress)
Roger B - pt 3
Ben S (invoice 9/19)
Andreas M
Gene K (invoice 9/20)
James Bl (invoice 9/19)
Pierre Mi (invoice 9/20)

August Corrado To

Jeff Ro
Sean Cu
Donald Ed
Ashley Re
Hamish L
Patrick Mi
Robert Ca

John Mu
Nicolas Lo
Bruce Ph
Craig Ba
Perry Wi
Martin Th

September   Paul Hu
Kahinde Jo
John Me
Brian Na
Rob Al

Status of O2 Multi Orders
O2/VP Multi-cart
orders, from
July 2019 to
Order in progress Orders in queue
Next group of
orders coming up...
Gerald D
Quinten A
Michael R (shipped 9/19)
David G (shipped 9/19)
Chris M (paid 9/19)
Wilco F
Tracey T
Emmanuel M

Marlon S
Miget S
Brian R
Bernard H
Romain H
Stefano C
Gabriel G
Louis M
Tobias F
Scott R
Chad S
Paul D
Thomas M
Michael L
Mika M
Eric E

Adam B
Mark G
Kai K
Dan R
Daniel B
Daniel S
William H
Glenn R
Donald E
Michael C

Michael D
Gunter C
Joseph B
Zackary J
Robert M
Todd H
Fabio G
Kelon B
Chris W
Gary O

Frank T
Samuel H
Arnauld C
Mark B
Christopher V
Glenn C
Kevin S
Antoine W
Stijn C
William C

Hans R
Roger B
Panagiotis L
Jorg F
John S
David S
Nick L
Kirk F
Thierry B
Jose G

Cesar C
Ferretti V
Sylvain C
Jeffrey B
Bill L
Michael M
David M
Kenneth L
Timoth C
Charles D

Robb A
Rick B
Robert J
Justin M
Joris G
Aaron S
Kirk T
Derrick D
Stephan S
John B

John Co
Mark Sw
Brett Sa
Patrick Br
Brad Ha
Andre El
Andrew Ah
William Cu
Michael Ma
Michal Me
Long K

Luis Ga
Roger Yo

On Hold Orders
Scott V
(recent change, < going down, > going up)

All orders will be filled in time. Thank you for your patience.

Spaceman Splorf LE Boxed Set Orders
Cart # Name (only 1st and initial) Order Status
55 - 59    
60 - 69 Scott T (cart only) (paid 9/19)
70 - 74 Jeremey M (cart only)  
76 - 80   -

Project Updates - August 8, 2020


- Incoming! for the O2/VP - Status = On Hold - Still in testing faze (for one tough bug). Needs to be further tested at this time. Print manual is almost done.

- Amok! 21st Century Edition - Status = Unkown - Pending an update on the program by Ted Foolery (this has been on the back burner for a few years now). Hopefully it'll happen, in time.

- RAM-Pong for 2600 - Status = On Hold- This was going to be released at MGC 2020, but that didn't happen. Possible late 2020 release, or MGC 2021. Not decided yet.

- Bomb Away for 2600- Status = On Hold - Game and packaging done. Waiting on special PCB needed for DPC+ game.

- Shifty Lifty Plus for 2600- Status = On Hold - Program on hold, pending a hopeful update, in time. Waiting on special PCB needed for DPC+ game.

- Temple Runner for 2600- Status = On Hold - Program on hold, pending a hopeful update, in time. Waiting on special PCB needed for DPC+ game.

- Larry The Lemon for 2600 - Status = On Hold- Game is almost done (a final tweak needs to be done to the code - no idea when this will happen). Box packaging is done and in stock, manual needs to be created.

- Mail Plane - Status = In Limbo - Was going to get permission from original boxed version to use manual. That cannot happen now - need to find copies of such, and reconstruct manual.

- Mine Storm II - Status = On Hold - A possible release, if I can ever find a reliable and good Overlay print shop.

- Vectorblade -Status = In Progress - A future unlimited release. Will include box and overlay. Will happen, given time.