Test Cart Rev 4 for the Vectrex

Test Cart Box Cover
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Author: Unknown
Number of Players: 0
Cartridge Size: 4K
Release Year: 1982

Cartridge w/plastic box - $20

Test Cartridge (Rev. 4)

A reproduction of the original Test Cart, with 11 tests designed to make the most of your Vectrex Arcade System.

The Test Cartirdge comes with:
- LINEARITY PATTERN: Used for Vertical/Horizontal sizing and more.
- DAC OFFSET: Only for those tech enough to use this test.
- INTEGRATOR OFFSET: For testing of onscreen line continuity.
- CHECKSUM: Making sure the system ROM is good.
- DEFLECTION PROTECT: Helps adjust the brightness.
- SOUND TEST: As it says, tests the sound output of the Vectrex.
- INTENSITY ADJUST: Used to adjust brightness for various screen objects.
- FOCUS TEST: Making sure your Vectrex has well defined screen output.
- DISTORTION TEST ONE: Checking for symmetrical appearance.
- DISTORTION TEST TWO: Checks for spacing and symmetrical patterns.
- KEY PANEL TEST : Controller tests for both joystick ports.

(Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge)

Test for Vectrex
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Test for Vectrex
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Test Screen Shot
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