Vecmania for the Vectrex

Vecmania Box Cover
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Author: John Dondzila
Number of Players: 1
Cartridge Size: 64K
Release Year: 1999

Cartridge w/plastic box - $25

John Dondzila´s and the world´s first 64K Vectrex game first released in 1998, Vecmania features 3 new games, 3 updated games, and 2 playable demos.

Vecmania includes:

Star Fire Spirits: Incredible 3D space fighter were you have to destroy waves of enemy fighters, skim the surface of an alien planet, and navigate narrow chasms to destroy the planet´s core!

Repulse: A very difficult yet addictive Vectrex game. Maneuver your ship and destroy the mother fortress, while sentry ships attack you. Avoid crashing into the fortress. Take too long and the mother ship will attack at full force!

Birds of Prey: An excellent vertical shooter in this Vectrex compilation. Birds of Prey has 4 levels of shooting action against a fleet of alien space birds who´s sole goal is your annihilation! A 5th level puts you up against the final fleet and the mothership

Vector Vaders Remix: This is Vector Vaders as it was meant to be, with simpler graphics for faster and flicker free action, along with some bug fixes and multi-channel sound effects!

Patriots Remix: A great game for the Vectrex gets a facelift, adding improved graphics routines, bug fixes and multi-channel sound effects!

Rockaroids Remix - 3rd Rock: Rockaroids is back, with with enhanced rocks and rotation, more speed and a faster, challenging game!

Disc Duel Demo: The original source code for this game was accidentally destroyed. What remains is a binary image of the game, with no sound, but is still more or less a fully playable 2 player game.

Abyss Demo: A rare creation, that just didn´t have the look or feel that John wanted, so this game was never finished. This is a one player playable demo, with some cool 3D shooter action!

(Vecmania comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge)

Vecmania for Vectrex
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Vecmania for Vectrex
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Star Fire
(Star Fire)
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Birds of Prey
(Birds of Prey)
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Vector Vaders Remix
(Vector Vaders Remix)
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Patriots Remix
(Patriots Remix)
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Rockaroids Remix: 3rd Rock
(Rockaroids Remix)
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Disc Duel Demo
(Disc Dual Demo)
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(Abyss Demo)
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