Gravitrex Plus for the Vectrex

Gravitrex Box Cover
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Author: John Dondzila
Number of Players: 1
Cartridge Size: 64K
Release Year: 2002

Cartridge w/plastic box - $25

In 2002, John released his seventh Vectrex game Gravitrex Plus, based off the arcade game Gravitar - but with many enhancements. This outstanding 64K game has all the excitement of a true arcade game. Gravitrex Plus is a game any Vectrex fan will enjoy!

Gravitrex Plus has the following features:
- 3 Levels with 6 worlds.
- Many worlds contain extra sections for more frantic button pressing.
- 2 Game Modes: Standard and Arcade (the later which is faster and more intense for the expert gamers)!

Your main mission is to travel to these six worlds, rescue the human captives, eliminate enemy bunkers, and finally destroy the enemy planets themselves!

Gravitrex Plus Contains:
- 64K Bank switched program
- Level select passwords
- Re-mappable controller settings
- Digitized speech
- An intense retro intro
- Musical title/menu screens
- A NEW hidden bonus game
- Includes a bonus game, Patriots III, a complete re-write of the original, with optional analog controller support

(Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge)

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Gravitrex Screen Shot 2
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