Asteroid Cowboy for the Vectrex

Asteroid Cowboy Box Cover
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Author: Andreas Bitter
Number of Players: 1
Cartridge Size: 9K
Release Year: 2019

Cartridge w/plastic box - $25

This is a physical release of a game from the Vectrex programming course at Pforzheim University, School of Engineering, in Germany (course run by Prof. Dr. rer. nat Peer Johannsen). More info can be found here.

Asteroid Cowboy comes from the Vectrex Project 2018, and was created by Andreas Bitter.

Game Summary:
We're in the year 2020 - Earth was destroyed due to the foolishness of an orange-skinned president. Mankind had to escape to foreign planets. You made it to a fertile planet near an asteroid belt. The first people there founded P-Town, and fortunately your old neighbor built a ranch where he offers you a place to live and work. You're responsible for protecting the ranch from asteroids coming too close. Unfortunately, all rocket-launch-control-boards were used to build gaming consoles (yep, it's really boring up there...), so you had to think about other ways. You remember the cheap remote-controlled laser-lasso (without a CE marking!) you ordered from a foreign Asian country before leaving Earth, and your cowboy adventures begin!

(Comes with plastic box, box insert, instruction booklet, and game cartridge)

Asteroid Cowby Box Cartridge and Instructions
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Bit N Bytes Title Screen
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Asteroid Cowboy screen shot 2
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Asteroid Cowboy screen shot 3
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Asteroid Cowboy screen shot 4
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