Birds of Prey (joystick control) for the Vectrex

Vecmania Box Cover
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Author: John Dondzila
Number of Players: 1
Cartridge Size: 7K
Release Year: 1999 (joystick version 2020)

Cartridge w/plastic box - $25

Birds of Prey has been taken from the Vecmania compilation, and updated with Joystick controls (the original only used buttons 1+2 for movement).

Birds of Prey: An outstanding vertical shooter for the Vectrex. Birds of Prey has 4 levels of shooting action against a fleet of alien space birds who´s only purpose is your destruction! A 5th level puts you up against the final fleet and the mothership

(Birds of Prey comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge)

Vecmania for Vectrex
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Birds of Prey
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