Traffic! for the Odyssey2 / Videopac

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Author: Chris Read
Number of Players: 1
Cartridge Size: 6K
Release Year: 2014
TV Format: NTSC and PAL

- Published by Packrat
- Distributed by Good Deal Games
(buy via GDG link)

Traffic is Chris Read´s 1st Odyssey2 homebrew game for the Odyssey2 / Videopac systems from Packrat Video games, LLC. The first new game for these consoles added to Packrat's library of games since 2007!

Help the chickens traverse a freeway with high-speed traffic, getting as many of them as you can to the other side. The chickens are counting on you to guide them, as many as you can before time runs out - or a chicken becomes roadkill! Traffic is a fast-paced game, which includes plenty of fast action, and ‘enhanced Videopac+’ graphics for those systems that support it.

(Plus graphics thanks to Rafael Cardoso)

Comes with cartridge, full-color manual, and index card.

Traffic game cart, card, and instructions
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Traffic game cart and inside instruction booklet
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Main Trafic Play Screen
(O2 screen)
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Main Plus Graphics Traffic Play Screen
(Plus Graphics screen)
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