Astronomer for the Atari 2600

Astronomer cartridge
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Author: Alex Pietrow
Number of Players: 1
Cartridge Size: 4K
Release Year: 2018
TV Format: NTSC or PAL
Controller: Joystick or Paddle

- Published by Packrat
- Distributed by Good Deal Games
(buy via GDG link)

Astronomer is the first atari 2600 game created by Alex Pietrow. It is a simulation game of sorts that allows the player to get into the shoes of an astronomer and observe stars with the world's largest telescope.

The goal of the game is to aim the telescope beam at a star and observe it throughout the night. This is achieved by filling up an 'observing bar'. However if the astronomer takes pictures of clouds while observing a star, the entire observation will be ruined and the astronomer will have to start over. This can make his or her life difficult as there is only a certain amount of time allocated to this one observer. Once this time is up, the game is over. Just like in real life, the observer who can do the most with their time will be considered the best, but this will partially rest on some luck. How high of a score can you get?

Comes with cartridge and full-color manual.
Looking for Stargazers

Observe 20 stars in one game of Astronomer.

Send us a picture of the TV displaying the title screen with the high score.

Get a free* patch denoting your rank!

*While supply lasts.
Use the customer service link to be able to send your picture.
Patch requires purchase of this cartridge from Packrat,
otherwise a small fee will apply

Current Patch holders:
Alex - 22
Chuck Bremer - 20
Grey Defender - 23
James Earl O'Brien - 22 on 10/16/20
Hizzy - 46 on 03/27/2019
Jonathan Kade - 22 on May 9, 2021
Sramirez2008 - 28
TrekMD - 69 on 03/03/2019
A Limited 'boxed' edition of 40 Astronomer games was released on October 21, 2018, to coincide with the Orionid meteor show for 2018. This has sold out, and only the cart / instruction option is be available.

Astronomer cart and manaul
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Astronomer screen shot 1
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Astronomer screen shot 2
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Astronomer Boxed Set
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(limited Boxed set)
Astronomer Boxed inside lid
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(limited Box #)
Astronomer Stargazer Patch
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