Packrat Six Pack

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Index cards for original Packrat
O2/VP games from 2002 - 2007
Stock: 52 lb. High Gloss

Packrat Six Pack : $2

These index cards are for standard Videopac plastic cases that were sold with games in Europe, Canada and Brazil back in the 80's, that show the game name and code. These fit into a slot at the top of these plastic cases.

(NOTE: These are index cards only, not the actual games, and all new game sales include and index card with each game)

These index cards are created with high-quality brochure 52 lb high gloss paper. These make excellent additions to game collections of gamers who bought the first six Odyssey2/Videopac games from Packrat (from 2002 to 2007) and include index cards only for the following games (games not included of course):
- Planet Lander!
- Pong!
- Mr. Roboto!
- Calculator!
- Puzzle Piece Panic!

(Note: Games sales as of November, 2013, include an index card with each game).