The Odyssey DVD

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Format: NTSC
Region: Region Free
Length: 63 Minutes
Video: Full Screen

The Odyssey DVD - $10
(Out of Print)

For the first time ever, a compilation of Magnavox Odyssey videos has been completely remastered for DVD! A definite must-have for all Odyssey collectors, this wonderful compilation includes the following:

Odyssey2 Fourth Quarter 1981 Commercial
Wizard of Odyssey - The Keyboard! Commercial
Wizard of Odyssey - Pick Axe Pete! Commercial
Wizard of Odyssey - Quest for the Rings! Commercial
Wizard of Odyssey - The Voice! Commercial
McDade's Odyssey2 Christmas Commercial
Pick Axe Pete! Pick-Off News Coverage
Odyssey 3 1983 CES Introduction Video
Odyssey 3 1983 CES Peripherals Video
Odyssey 3 Prototype Footage
"A Video Game Caper" Comedy Show

Enjoy a fantastic assortment of Odyssey2 commercials that will take you back to when everything Odyssey was exciting and new. The coverage of the Pick Axe Pete! Pick-Off is a ton of fun, and you'll laugh your pants off watching "A Video Game Caper." Where else can you find a 45-minute comedy show based entirely on the Odyssey2? The 1983 CES videos and Odyssey 3 prototype footage are priceless! You'll come back again and again to enjoy this amazing compilation. This DVD makes staying home fun!

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